Aviation Demand (Forecast) Chapter

Federal Aviation Administration’s Advisory Circular 150/5070-6B “Airport Master Plan” states that: “Forecasts of future levels of aviation activity are the basis for effective decisions in airport planning.  These projections are used to determine the need for new or expanded facilities.”  This chapter will prepare forecasts of Aeronautical Activity for the Airport Master Plan.  The initial step is to collect historical data for passengers, charter operations, corporate aviation and general aviation to create a baseline data.  Various data sources will be used to determine this information including those from the FAA and the US Bureau of Transportation Statistics.

As part of this airport master plan, an air service study will be conducted.  This study will create air service scenarios for CMI using reviews of airline market strategies, alliances, airline fleets expectation, passenger catchment/leakage levels and aircraft manufacture fleet projections.  The study will also review methodologies for corporate and general aviation demand through an analysis of data sources from the FAA Aerospace Forecasts; General Aviation Manufacturers Association; FAA Air Taxi & General Aviation Surveys; and regional and local general aviation trends.