Exhibit A Property Line Map

The Exhibit A Property Line Map is a document that graphically identifies an airport’s legal land holdings in both fee simple title and avigation easements.  The Airport Sponsor is required to maintain and update the Exhibit ‘A’ by submitting it to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Airports Specialist.  The Exhibit ‘A’ is a snapshot of the inventory of parcels that make up dedicated airport property.  The Exhibit ‘A’ indicates how the land was acquired, the funding source for the land and if the land was conveyed as Federal surplus land or Government Property.  Other detached parcels owned by the Airport Sponsor that are dedicated to airport purposes must also be shown on the Exhibit ‘A’.  The Exhibit ‘A’ must show all dedicated airport property regardless of the type of funds (AIP, state, local, etc.) used to acquire that property.  All land described in a project application and shown on an Exhibit ‘A’ constitutes the airport property federally obligated for compliance under the terms and covenants of a grant agreement.