Inventory Chapter

The Inventory Chapter contains a review of the present physical facilities and activities at CMI.  Exhibits and documents contained in FAA databases along with information on file with the Airport are used in the preparation of this chapter.  The data contained herein will be supplemented with field observations, personal interviews with airport staff, airport users and tenants.  Facilities and features reviewed in this chapter include:

  • Airfield Facilities (Runways, Taxiways, Aprons)
  • Passenger Terminal Facilities
  • General Aviation Facilities
  • Cargo Facilities
  • Airport Traffic Control Tower
  • Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting Facility
  • Environmental Elements Review
  • Navigational Aids
  • Access, Circulation and Parking
  • Utilities
  • Support Facilities (ATCT, ARFF)
  • Regional Setting and Land Use
  • Topography and Drainage

Airport Utilities will be inventoried including: Storm sewers, sanitary sewers, natural gas, electrical, telecommunications and water.  The Inventory Chapter will be prepared and submitted to Federal, State and the Airport for review.